Bacina vino

In the center of Temnić vineyards region where the village Bačina is occupying the biggest part 'Bačina vino' winery is situated. Winery is based on the family Milutinović tradition of grape growing and winemaking. This tradition has led a group of Swedes to visit this area and visit their friend Aleksandar Milutinović, descendant of the family. Bačina valley enchanting landscapes and traditional hospitality of Bačina villagers delighted the Swedes who move the initiative to restore the traditions of growing vineyard and winery operation.

At this time, winery owns vineyards of about 5ha, but plans are much more focused, and winery is already actively working on a serious expansion and raising of new plantations.

Besides the new plants, winery seriously invest in technology. Thus, the production takes place in the modern cellar equipped with all the modern approach to making wine. All this, with many years of experience and a great and genuine love can not remain without results. This is witnessed by wines coming from this winery.